Pomona College:

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We have made special arrangements to hold the workshops on the grounds of Pomona College in the beautiful and prestigious Claremont Colleges (www.claremont.edu) located in Claremont, California.

Pomona College is famous for two performing halls, Bridges Hall of Music and Little Bridges Auditorium. Every big name from the last century performed in one or both of these. In fact, if you've got the video "The Art of Violin" there's a scene where a group of students are seated outside of Big Bridges and a boy runs ups and shouts: "come on, Heifetz is practicing inside". The next scene shows Heifetz practicing but he is actually in Little Bridges!

All of this is within a 5 minute walk to the famous, and beautiful Claremont Village shopping area which features a large number of dining and shopping locations. (No fast food establishments allowed in the village means very unique dining experiences from casual to 5 star - all within a few minutes walk of the venue. (www.thevillageclaremont.com/map.html) Be sure to check out the new village expansion (everything west of Indian Hill Blvd). Recent openings include new hight life spots and a new hotel, Casa 425.