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About James Brown

James Brown entered the profession of violin maker as a trained musician with a degree in vocal music and a long list of credits as a professional performer. He entered the field of instrument making in the 1980's working first on classical guitars. He studied with a noted maker in the Monterey Bay area. Soon afterwards, he apprenticed with Riverside maker Ruth Esther Evans in violin and cello making. Mrs. Evans is an accomplished violin maker, having studied with Mario Frosali in Los Angeles. Mr Frosali, was encouraged to come to this country by one of his best friends, Simone Sacconi, and they worked side by side at Wurlitzer's in New York. Mr. Brown continues to work in the Claremont area in the violin shop founded in 1997 and operated by himself, his wife Debbie and assisted by their nineteen year old daughter, Lydia, building violins, violas and cellos. His prize winning instruments have led to many new commissions for instruments. Mr. Brown is a member of the VSA and is active in training new violin and bow makers.


As a side line, Mr. Brown sings with the Pacific Chorale, a Professional Choral Organization in Orange County

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